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Monday, March 23, 2009

gretchenmist: giveaway . blog birthday

I wanted to let you all know about a great giveaway from an artist I have featured here before. You would be so lucky to win (and so would I)

gretchenmist: giveaway . blog birthday

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Anonymous said...

Hi Christine...thanks for commenting on my blog and yes, those are all our animals. We have about 15 adult goats + 5 babies, 1 of which was just born this morning. The 2 big dogs with them are Great Pyrenees who guard the goats and are very protective of them. We won't get rid of the goats because of the dogs - they are great animals. We also have 3 other dogs...2 of which you can see a picture of tomorrow...got a really cute one. Plus I have a Schnauzer that is my inside dog. We have a lot of acreage and live out in the boonies so we can have animals...they are so cool. Probably way more information than you wanted.