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Friday, December 7, 2007

Check out my Little Monster Market finds

I had such a good time at the Little Monster Market last week. I was able to get some Christmas shopping done on top of it all. I'll try to get pictures up later, but my favorite thing I got happened to be a trade from Kokoleo. It is the cutest! 3 eyed monster in overalls. I have it stored in the back of a closet in James' room so I have to be really sneaky to get it out and post a picture of it. I also bought some adorable aprons from Beansoup. And here...the only thing that I have a picture to show of is James' christmas outfit that I bought from Eenymeanie. I got the shirt, vest and tie from them. Here is a picture of James in that outfit going to see Santa Claus. Santa asked him what he wanted for christmas and he said, "Dog Treats". hmmm

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