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Monday, January 14, 2008

My Etsy Finds

I am so excited about the new prints I recently acquired from a wonderful Etsy seller Studio Mela (aka DazeyChic). Not only is Shelli super talented, she also shares a birthday with me. So, happy birthday to us!

I love the sweet and simple design of these prints. I framed and matted them and am still trying to figure out a great arrangement for all of our artwork. We are continually adding pieces and for a while I was just hanging them up where ever there was a space to hang it. But now we have too much great stuff to showcase that I can't keep doing it that way. So, all of the artwork and photographs have come off the wall to allow me to rethink our layout. I've been making trips to the framing store about every other day trying to figure out mats and frames and so on... I will be posting some other great artwork in the next few days. I was so fortunate to receive a really beautiful piece for Christmas from Dave. Ok, so check back as I unveil my sources for great art.

Some more stuff to come this week:
*A preview of my new photography series "Head in the Clouds". Anyone curious about winter in Los Angeles.
*My newest art pieces and some of my favorite artists
*A before and after picture of my "studio".


Michelle Engel Bencsko said...

Very pretty!

heather said...

Nice prints!! I love the light and airy feel....and the colors....and the composition...and....