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Monday, August 4, 2008

Some new pieces

I think I have failed to mention in a while that I added some new pieces to my shop. I am taking a class on metal clay (although this is the last week, boohoo!) so I've learned a few new techniques.

The origami piece is the latest. I really loved the final piece on this one. It's gotten me very interested in learning some more origami that I can apply to metal clay. I've been inspired by origami for a while now. I make origami boxes and envelopes a lot but I've never really found a use for making origami "things" like cranes and butterflies. Now maybe I have. I'm not a big fan of chotchkies that just clutter my space. I like to have a few decorative pieces that I adore to set the mood of my home but clutter makes me panic and hyperventilate. More on that later:) Alright, where was I....

Here's just a cute little one. It's entitled "you're a nut". This is one of the phrases I have adopted since having a child. Here are some more words I have added to my vocabulary in order to place words that have been temporarily withdrawn from my vocabulary:
silly, crazy, booger, lune

Oh, don't worry dear words that I love so.... I will be back someday. I'm talking to you "bastard":)

and then finally this one. The customizable dandelion necklace and it's reversible. It has a bird on the back (imagine that). I made this for a client earlier this year and really loved the way it turned out. I'm working on getting ready for the holiday season (crazy I know) and trying to add some things to my shop that are easy for men to buy. Last year a lot of my sales were to men buying for their wives. I would die if my husband went through the trouble of having a piece custom made for me. Just the thought alone is super sweet.

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rhymeswithcori said...

that origami necklace is beautiful! and i must say, if you created an origami crane pendant for a necklace, i would be forced to buy it on the spot.