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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

All Grown Up

My little munchkin turned 3 years old last week. I can't believe it. We had so much fun on his birthday. I think we are starting a tradition of getting enormous waffles with strawberries for breakfast on his birthday. Here is the first time we did it when he turned 1. Poor guy was getting his molars and was miserable after all. And here he is two years later when he turned 3. After breakfast he went to school and I brought cupcakes to his class. Then after school we took him to Guitar Center on Sunset Blvd to pick out drumsticks for the drum we got him. Well, that ended up being a total adventure! They let him play the drums there and I don't think he's ever had so much fun.
And now, here is his very first school picture. I can't believe that they got him to smile so sweetly. I think this might be the cutest school picture EVER taken in all of history.I am so proud of our little guy. He is growing into such a wonderful person. When I got food poisoning last week he was so concerned. For the following 5 days he would come into my room in the morning while I was still in bed and say, "you feel better, babe?". It cracks me up.
And finally, here is a ring I just finished. I'm thinking of listing it in my shop. What do you think?


Rhiannon said...

That ring is lovely, the colours just make me smile!

Also, those waffles look amazing! Where did you find them? (saying that, I doubt there's anywhere here in the UK that does them!)

Glad that you're feeling better

Anonymous said...

I think this ring is beautiful, Christine. I love the colors and the arrangement of circles. It reminds me of Christmas! xx Jen

Rebecca Street said...

That really is THE cutest school picture. Ever. How adorable is he???? Sorry to hear that you had food poisoning. That is no fun, especially when you have children. How did you manage???

Unknown said...

Aw, that is the CUTEST school pic! What an adorable smile! I'm sorry you got sick! Where did you eat? (for future reference ;) ) Also I love the ring! To me it makes me think of a family of three, with the three stones, one for Dave, one for you, and one for James :) I love it!

'fancypicnic' said...

Such a sweetie!!

Love that ring, too - list it!

Anonymous said...

OMG, I don't think I've seen James since his helmet days! I think he's your cutest piece of work. ;)

(Love the ring too).

You've always been such an inspiration to me. After ages of people buggin' me I've fiiinally signed up on Etsy. Woo hoo!