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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Good, really Good

I'm doing a show on Saturday for Good Magazine. Etsy contacted me and asked me to be a part of it. I thought - sure, what the hell, it's right around the corner. But then I got the list of artists that are also doing the show and am now super excited to do this show. 3 of my favorite artists are going to be there too. I can't wait. I hope I'm not too dorky to go up and talk to them. There are many more very talented artists and designers that will be there but here are the 3 that I am totally excited to see in person. Creative Thursday is the work of Marisa Haedike and she has the most inspirational blog. Sharon Montrose is a photographer and I actually bought her book from Anthropologie years ago. It's adorable. Then Elsa Mora is just amazing all around. I first came to love her paintings last year. I went to her art show here in town and was blown away by all of her talent. Now she does a lot of paper cuts too that are incredible.

Creative Thursday Sharon Montrose Photography Elsa Mora

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Lora Hart said...

I love both Elsa (own a print) and Sharon Montrose. Is this a live show? Where is it? What time? I'm not working! I want to see if I can squeeze it in! And of course I'd love to see all of your pretties laid out on a table.