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Monday, March 30, 2009

undiscovered uncovered 2

Last week I started a post called "Undiscovered Uncovered". The purpose is to highlight artists/crafters that are just starting out their business online. I discovered a few of these artists last week and in the time between then and now they have had some sales! So hooray for them.

top row: Bluebelle by Ticker Tape Parade ($48), Steampunk style by Arctic Jewelry ($70), Spring Love by AAlicia Accessories Shop ($40)

middle row: Tulip Cup by Maya lee ($20), Pink Fern Drop by The Plum Tree ($20), Vintage Handmade file dividers from Glean Creative Resuse ($9.25)

bottom row: Young Fern from Savage Images ($17), Flowers Three by Pinecone and Lola ($5), Colors of Today by Carmenesque ($26)


Lotta MayaLee Photography said...

Thanks for adding my photo to this great collection of Etsy! Fantastic finds!

Penny Glass Girl said...

Great idea and beautiful finds! I am loving "Spring Love"!

kendall.micayla said...

I cant choose which I like best, I adore them all! What beautiful items... I enjoy these lists-its a great idea!

emily said...

Thank you for including my photo in your post! Looks like a spectacular group of treasures:)
Enjoy your new camera!