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Monday, February 4, 2008

Art Wall

My career prior to Chocolate and Steel was as a Store Manager for Anthropologie. I LOVE their clothes and became fond of their home decor over time. Side note - I much prefer their home decor now than in the past. It was too shabby chic for me. But we're going back quite a few years ago. Anyways, I digress. I think about 40% of my paycheck was sent straight back to them because of my obsession with their clothes. Well, now I am not there as often so I have curbed that obsession. But, I spend so much time at home now with my business and taking care of James that home decorating has become my new obsession. I wanted to show you a couple of my favorite things that I have collected over the years.

Dave hung all of our artwork up this weekend. It's amazing how little changes can make you feel like you are living in a whole new place.

Art Wall, originally uploaded by Chocolate And Steel (Christine).

*You can click on the picture and it will show you who each piece is by*

This is our "Art Wall". I have mentioned some of my favorite artists in the past on my blog, but I'll tell you about them again. The main painting in the middle is entitled "Val and Viv" by Heather Scholl. The little blue one to the left of "Val and Viv" is called "Pez Girl" also by Heather Scholl. Above that is "How I got my stutter" by Madelaine. I discovered Madelaine on Etsy while just perusing the art section. I love it! The one above that is called "IBC" also by Heather. This is a long story but basically it's my husband's alter ego:) The two 3D flower paintings are by my friend Mara Reinin. She is an amazing artist. She only sells her art at a gallery in Northern California. If anyone is interested please leave a comment and I will pass it on to her. Her flower paintings are made from old magazine pages and painted over. Each one has a special meaning. The dancing girl with the "G" is by another friend of mine named Amy Samson. She used to also work for Anthropologie and she created this painting for the bathroom of the store we worked at. I loved it so much that she duplicated it for me as a wedding gift.


Young People in Love said...

I don't know how you ever had ANY of your paycheck from Anthro left...I don't think I could even make it out the door without spending it all. Great wall, love the paint color. You should check out Barry McGee's work. I think you'd dig his style.

auroramae said...

I haven't even read this post yet, I just feel in love with your decorating!

High Desert Diva said...

Looks good....love that paint color choice!

Janice said...

Liking your wall! Someday I'm going to have a jam packed art wall or 2. Love the fireplace too! And thanks for the lovely comment on my blog.