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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Shop Update

It is such a wonderful feeling to finally breakthrough a creative block. Wow, I've had a quite a block ever since the mad rush of the holidays ended. So, I am happier than ever to bring these new pieces to you. They have been inspired by Valentine's day and the different ideas of love. They are all in my shop now.

"The Tale of the Swan and Pigeon"
This was inspired by the EtsyLoveChallenge. Here is the story behind the image.
"Accept Love"
Click here for the story.

"Love is a beautiful Thing"
Click here for the story and specifics.

Coming out of a creative block is one of the best feelings ever. I was so frustrated that I would sit at my desk and sit, and sit, and sit and stare. Nothing was exposing itself to me. I spent a lot of time last month just trying to seek out inspirations. Anything and everything that inspired me in any way. As you can see I've been blogging more than ever and focusing on these inspirations...photography, art, food, nature.... And finally it has worked. I have a ton of ideas that I have been sketching out. Now, I just need time to complete them all. Please come back and visit again soon to see more new designs. Thanks to everyone for all of their words of encouragement and support.

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CurlyPops said...

Wow, these are really beautiful..