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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Taxes make my head hurt

I am so exhausted from trying to get everything together for my taxes. I swear, every year I say I'm going to be more organized and keep better track of everything. And in the end this year I did better than before, I still have so much crap to go through. And it feels like I should know how to make this simpler. There should be a super simple, intuitive way of organizing and keeping track without having masses of paper and receipts overflowing every corner of my apartment. Any suggestions out there? I would really, really appreciate it.

Any software that you think is great? I'd love to have it all on the computer so my husband and I aren't sitting at the table for hours adding up receipts. Not to mention, neither of us own a real calculator. I was using my Blackberry and he was using his laptop. This is what I want in a perfect world - an accountant who does it all for me. But in a slightly imperfect world I'd take a software program that allows me to itemize my receipts for supplies, equipment, advertising, fees.... I'm sure something out there exists, right? I don't need all of the fancy stuff like "production schedule" and "shipping schedule", although maybe shipping would be helpful. ok, clearly I don't know what I need.

Any suggestions would be wonderful! So wish me luck. Tomorrow I see my accountant and hopefully she doesn't scold me (which she really wouldn't, she's the nicest lady!).


CurlyPops said...

I use a really simple software called PAYGEasy but it's only for the Australian tax system. You just enter all of your receipts and categorise as you go. Then you can print out all the necessary information at the end. There must be something similarly simple in your neck of the woods.

Salmon Street Studio said...

Just being supportive with an "I hear you sister, and feel your pain".

Cher of StuStuStudio said...

I used to prepare these for a living and a lot of our clients used Quicken. It's pretty comprehensive but needs to be set up and maintained religously. (And they still turned over the job to us.)

If your familiar with Excel, this may helP: a little checkbook attachment for Excel for about $20 that you can get downloaded here:
(or search google for a download)

Good luck, I also feel your pain.