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Monday, June 2, 2008

Self promotion

I swear my blog is not going to become just a vehicle for self promotion, but I have to share these two things with you. What a delight to wake up this morning with 2 google alerts telling me about 2 different features I have.
Thanks so Coleen at SomethingJustToStart for a very well thought out article/interview on Chocolate and Steel.

And also to Nichole of Muchamuchacha for her sweet feature of Chocolate and Steel on her blog Oh,LookWhatIMade! (love that title). Nichole is so super talented herself. She makes fused glass pendants that I die over. She has a terrific eye for color.

So, thanks for making my day.

Now, in order for this blog not to become all about self promotion, I swear to blog about something besides myself tomorrow. So, come back tomorrow, it will be good!