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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Trees, flowers, vegetable garden

Oh, how I long to have those things - trees, flowers, vegetable garden. Every 4-5 weeks I get a panicky feeling that we really need to move. We live in a really lovely 1920's Art Deco apartment - I'm not really complaining. But I yearn for a garden and a yard. Raising a son and 2 dogs in an apartment is challenging. While searching Craigslist here are some gardens that I covet:

Too bad those rents average at 6,000 a month (ridiculous, right?). One of them is $9,000 a month. You know what I could do with 9,000 a month!


Anonymous said...

that is such a gorgeous place.

Lakewood flowers

Sasparilla Sue said...

ooooh I like them all, but really, 9 THOUSAND?!?!?!?!? Crazy! I long for a gardens sometimes (we live in teeny tiny condo with a slab of concrete as our "backyard") but then I remember I have a black thumb. Oh well.