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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Ellen, wings, and random things

Ok, so for the big news! The Obama necklace was purchased as a gift for my hero, Ellen (Degeneres!), Portia, and Ellen's mom (who is so sweet and adorable!). Not to sound too corny, but this is seriously a dream of mine.
My husband's dream is that someday he will be on the Daily Show being interviewed by Jon Stewart for a film he wrote. My dream is this! Ellen Degeneres owning one of my necklaces. She really liked it too:)

So, it's not too late to get your Obama necklace. I am still donating 10% of the sales to the campaign. After election day (next Tuesday, mark your calendars!) I will choose a charity to donate sales to. Most likely something for kid's education. I want all children to believe that they can become President if they want and try to.

So, wings... Here it is. This is a custom order I just completed. I am so happy with the result. The person it is for has the tiniest fingers I have ever heard of. The ring is a size 3.5. What? So this ring was challenging.

and Random things.... I am working on a little newsletter to send out. I am seriously aiming for the end of this week. It's been busy around this little workshop. I am telling you this because you should sign up for my mailing list over there somewhere so you get it.
There's a little extra sumtin sumtin to help get you through this "Economic Adjustment".


Stacey said...

That is so neat!! I love Ellen and to know Ellen is wearing your work is awesome.

Anastasia said...

thats SO awesome!! good for you...us australians love Ellen and Portia being an aussie herself...yeahhh!

Anonymous said...

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Take care,

rhymeswithcori said...

Congrats! That is seriously awesome!

The Bunny Maker said...

Thats really cool! how did you know she bought it? don't tell me she's an Etsy buyer? LOL!

Canyon Girl said...

This is too cool!!!! Congratulations.