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Monday, October 13, 2008

Etsy Feature

Wow, as I laid sick in bed for the last week life has kept moving around me. And boy has it been busy:) I am so honored to have been featured today on Etsy's "Quit your Day job Series". If you want to know a bit more about me, my passions, and my schedule check it out. Thanks Etsy!!!


Anonymous said...

Saw your etsy feature and loved it!! Thank you for the inspiration!!

odd said...

I saww your vidoe on etsy. congratulations, I loved the little house, like Alice in Wonderland!! That's how I feel sometimes with my creations. Good luck to you!


Mom O Matic said...

Congrats!!! I love this "“I’m a stay at home mom”. I say, “I’m a jewelry artist. Here’s my card. I work with fine silver… oh, this is one of the pieces that I made.” {show new acquaintance necklace that I am wearing}"

How did you learn to work with silver? Or metals in general?

If you ever end up in Chicago give me a ring and I'll take you round to the good thrift shops. Or we could just drink and say we went to them.