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Thursday, January 22, 2009

My frugal father and other lovely tales

There are few things that pain me more than wasting. I'm sure I have my dad to thank for my frugal state of mind. The man who saves ketchup packets and napkins from McDonald's. I once saw an Oprah episode about the cheapest man in the world. He would take paper towels and hang them up to dry so he could use them again and again. The crazy thing was that my dad does half of the things this guy does. I love it. It's who he is. (drawing by Elizabeth Perry)

Wow, did I digress or what. Anyways, I was so bummed to have lost this tiny little piece of my tripod. I finally went to the camera store and they said it would be impossible to find the correct piece. So I had to retire my $10 tripod that has served me so well for the last year. I "invested" in a fancy new tripod - $30. Cheapest one they had, and I have to say I LOVE IT! I hope to keep it forever.

So, I finally have some new pieces to show you. I played around a bunch with the photography today. So, I only have pictures of these two. Next week I should have 3 more pieces to share. They are part of a collection I'm calling "Shadow". Spooky, huh?

The first one is part of a collection called "Winter Poppies". I am thinking of adding so more pieces to it, but not totally convinced yet.

This next one is called "Flight". I did a custom piece for a woman who wanted a necklace to remember her grandmother by. She loved hummingbirds. So, I did this drawing of a hummingbird for it. I decided that I really liked the drawing and would make a piece a little bit different for my shop.
What do you think of the new photos? Do the effects make it more interesting and appealing or do you think that it's distracting?

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Unknown said...

Our dads are definitly brothers! My dad is the most frugal person on earth I thought! I like the shadowy affects on your pics, I think it makes them look more professional, as if they were in a magazine. Your work is so beautiful Chris that it would look awesome on a crumpled paper bag :)