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Sunday, August 9, 2009

a good day

I have already slapped my hand for being a bad blogger. Last month I participated in my first wholesale show, The California Gift Show. Then last weekend I did the Buyers Market in Philadelphia. So much fun and SO much work. I finally got a chance to work two full days this weekend on fulfilling some of my orders. I have 250 pieces to make by next Monday. CRAZY!! but I actually have been working quite fast and plan on getting it all together. I had no idea that stores would want product so quick. I thought they would be placing orders for holiday. Not complaining, not complaining at all:) I hope to show off some of the pictures from Philly soon.

But I wanted to share some pics from a lovely day at the Getty before I left on my trip. Gosh I love this place. I typically have to go through the galleries pretty quick because James doesn't last long inside. But this time they had an exhibit all about casting a bronze sculpture. It was so fascinating and because I have some knowledge of the process I was able to get James really interested in it as well. It was a proud moment. And that moment ended quickly and we dashed outside to the gardens, our favorite place.

and my latest custom "peace". Get it:)


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Paige said...

glad to hear that your shows went so well. I feel your pain with the amount of work you have, I'm getting ready for a show and it's sooooo consuming. I hate when life gets in the way of me blogging about my life;-)

Lora Hart said...

Love Peace! Love your men, love that Giacometti. Must get to the Getty now.

Rosy Revolver said...

Welcome back and congrats on two great shows! Best of luck filling all the orders; that must make you feel so good!! (And tired!) Cannot wait to see what you show us next.