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Friday, August 14, 2009

Weekend Eye Candy - the jewelry box

I am part of a team of artists that work with metal clay. These are some of my favorites from my team but I have so many more favorites too. You can see them all at http://etsymetalclay.com

Eager to see some more well curated pics? Visit Lora, Paige and Michelle to see what they drummed up this week.

Have a wonderful weekend!

1. silver and concrete pear, 2. eclipseear1, 3. Wheat Pendant, 4. Waterfall, 5. Summer Leaf, 6. Verde Earrings, 7. Bronzclay & polymer, 8. Copper Hoops, 9. Mech-Chain1-Sm, 10. Bronze Tribal Dome Necklace with fine silver donut, 11. Repose, 12. afternoon sunlight & lens flare


Stacey said...

Delightful eye candy, indeed!!

Lora Hart said...

Beautiful jewelry and then a walk in the woods! Love mosaic Christine. Thanks.

Paige said...

These are some of my favorite artists also. Thanks for sharing.

Merri Cvetan, The Design Coach said...

Love the jewelry. I have been collecting charm bracelets since I was a kid. I have one just for chair charms (as an interior designer, what could be more appropriate?). The link didn't work, where is the Repose chair from?

Chocolate and Steel said...

Hi Merri! You can get the repose chair here:

it's from Birdland Creations, one of my favorites!!

cabin + cub said...

great picks!.. i love the little pear and the little chair... i guess i have a weakness for teeny tiny things, since they are so darned cute.

Michelle Ross said...

I love the simplicity of Jen Kahns silver and (I'm guessing bronze clay) earings. Simple, yet a bold statement.
Good collection!