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Monday, September 14, 2009

Electrical Etched copper disc

I took a class by Sherri and Dan Haab at Kit Kraft yesterday to learn electrical etching. It was such a great class! They are a great pair. Sherri is the art, Dan is the science.

Typically to etch you have to use chemicals that are rather toxic after you have used it. I'm a wuss about chemicals, even more so since I've had a child. This technique is so easy and doesn't use harsh chemicals. It uses electricity instead. I wish I could give you a more thorough description of what happens, but it's all a little over my head (even though it made complete sense to me yesterday). Anyways, I made this disc in class and threw it together for a photo op. I'm sure you will see some more from me in time. Maybe something that reflects my style a little more. I can also use this technique for creating texture plates for metal clay.


Stacey said...

I love it!!
Wow, do you think you could do a custom order with my deer silhouette?

Sue said...

I etch with Ferric Chloride but am planning on switching over to this method once my gallon runs low. Nice to see you got such good results!

Sherri Haab said...

Hi Christine, Dan found your blog today. thanks for attending our class. LOVE the picture you took! and your blog is super cool. About the title of this post, you might want to change it to "electrical etching" because Water Etching is different using water on unfired metal clay (you remove the background pattern with a sponge) Catherine Paetz Davies is well known for this technique and because she came up with this, I don't teach her technique. I will have water etch project by her in my next book. keep in touch

Ruth said...

I like it Christine. I've been keeping my eye on this set up on Sherri's website but was waiting for a bit more info. I'll be interested to see what you do with it.

Redcrow said...

That is really awsome! Can't wait to see how you make it your 'own'.

cabin + cub said...

wow.. it's so pretty. i didn't even know you could etch with electricity. can't wait to see more pieces made this way! ;)