I am a jewelry designer with a love of all things beautiful. I am drawn to modern handcrafted lovelies. You will see them all as I discover them here on my blog. Enjoy!

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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

My first publication

I'm really excited to share this with everyone. One of my necklaces was used in a photo spread with Kelli Garner ("Aviator", "Thumbsucker", "Lars and the Real Girl") for Men's Health Magazine. It's my very first published piece, and hopefully the first of many. Men's Health now, InStyle next (oh please, oh please). The necklace is called "Dear Rose...." and is available in my shop. I did a similar piece for a bracelet for my mom too. Take a look.

Friday, October 26, 2007

I'm in a Commercial

Wow! Talk about press lately. I feel like luck has been on my side. I am doing one of my first craft shows ever in November (Handmade for the Holidays) and they have a really great advertising campaign going. One of the things they are doing is a commercial that will air on MTV, Oxygen, Food Network and HGTV. So, check it out. If you look closely you will see this pendant of mine:

Thursday, October 25, 2007

A tiny fire in the sky

I just had to share this picture with you. I'm in Los Angeles and the air has been awful since the fires. The heat that you see is real. It has been very hot and the air feels heavy with soot. These are pictures of the sunset last night from our roof.

Special Sale, just for you

So, as a thank you for reading my first ever blog posting, I would like to extend a 20% discount for the month of November to you, my first blog fans!!! Wow, even I'm excited about that sale. So, visit my Etsy shop and in the "Notes to Seller" section type in this discount code:
#1BlogFan (not case sensitive, hehe)
I will refund you the 20% savings.

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New Website

Check out my new and super improved website (thank you Molly). I hope that you have lots of fun browsing through it all and thinking about all of the wonderful people in your life that you'd like to buy gifts for. Is it too soon for a shameless plug?

So along with my new and super improved website comes this here fancy blog. Although there's nothing fancy about the word blog. Really? They couldn't come up with a better name than blog? It sounds like a typo. I'm getting the feeling that this may be a great forum for me to just ramble on, so in an effort not to anymore, let's regroup…

Here is a tiny bit about me. I am a jewelry designer (I know, I know, isn't everyone??) with big dreams and lots of ideas and busy hands. I worked as a clothing designer for several years and retail management for several more. I've always yearned for some sort of creative expression. That yearning has taken me down several paths. And this is where you find me today. I specialize in working with PMC (precious metal clay). Maybe you've heard of it? But for those of you who haven't let me explain the magic of PMC. Metal clay was originally invented by Mitsubishi (not sure what their plan was…). They took the teeny tiny particles of silver which film negatives are made from and combined it with a binder, like a glue essentially. The material that resulted was metal clay. When metal clay is fired at a super high heat (roughly 1750F degrees) the binders burn into thin air and the fine silver particles join together making Fine Silver (99.9% silver). See, I told you, it's magic! Is it still confusing? Maybe you're a visual person. Here's a before and after: