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Friday, August 29, 2008

James and the Gargantuax

My husband wrote and illustrated a book for our son. It's called James and the Gargantuax. It turned out so cute. You can actually see it here. This is a great website, Blurb, where you can self publish. You can add text and pictures and create a book, and the quality is really good. Here are a couple pictures and the story:

I got my own Gargantuax just last this Christmas day.
A giant monster to stomp down cities
To run and jump and play
My Uncle Cracker got him from the land of Husker Du
With certified authenticity to prove all this is true.
I taught him first to melt some things with his atomic ray
Like tanks and planes and army trucks
S'mores and creme brulee
Mom and Dad worry about the mess he'll make
And on the wisdom of burning leaves just so I don't have to rake
I tell them not to worry since my monster's under control
This isn't like that birthday gift Uncle Cracker's UFO
Gargantuax is sweet and cute and he has a killer smile
Who cares if his magnetic field fries pace makers for one radial mile
I want to take him to my school for a day of show and tell
But will he turn your recess, Dad asks, into a flaming scorching hell?
Can I Mom? Can I Pop? For once I'll be the only to one
To have a monster who's beating heart blazes hotter than the sun
So off we go to school one day Gargantuax and I
To vaporize my teacher's apple so I can see fear in her eyes
But oh the disappointment, this year's "it" gift for boys of 8 and 9
Monsters, robotic, alien, radioactive, undead
and all of them were loveable at least almost as much as mine

By David F. Gregg

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Dolly and set design of the 70's

I love this video on many different levels. First, that is incredible set design. Sometimes they look like worms made out of panty hose. Second, the song! I really love Dolly but sometimes her songs are not the most favoring for women. If a man knocked on the pipes for me to come to his place.... I might be offended. And third, the hair...the dress...the sleeves - brilliant.
The bonus is around 2min 50 secs you'll see a very groovy Kenny Rogers. My mom was in love with him when I was a kid which means I kinda was too.

found via Firefly Express

Friday, August 15, 2008

Boygirlparty solo show

Don't forget that tomorrow Susie is having a solo show entitled "The Wild Life" at Giant Robot. Her work is beyond adorable. See ya there!
Saturday August 16th, 2008 6:30 to 10pm
Giant Robot
2062 Sawtelle Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90025

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Art Show

You HAVE to go check out this great art show going on right now at Barnsdall. Some of the work there is really great. Here are the times and map.
Here are a few of my favorite pieces:The top painting is called "JayBird Diner" by Heather Scholl and the bottom one is made from transparencies sewn together (I didn't write down the artist, sorry)
This won "Best in Show". It's an entire room filled with this design made from pvc, vinyl, and polymer. It's really cool.This crazy thing is made all from paper!!! You have to see it in person to understand the detail that was put into making these tools. It's really mind boggling. The table is made from cardboard.These are all individual paintings that are laying on the ground. The effect is really cool.

Go..go...go! run, don't walk. You only have a couple more weeks.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Anyone from Los Angeles?

So are any of you from here? If so please come out and visit me tomorrow in Culver City.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Look what I can do

I was really inspired by this post on DesignSponge and then again from the July (I think) issue of Readymade. I took the idea of a god's eye and made a mobile for my friend's new little girl. I used rafia for the god's eye (top) and then cut the chicks out of illustration board covered in scrapbook paper. The pictures aren't the best but hopefully you can kinda tell what it looks like.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Some new pieces

I think I have failed to mention in a while that I added some new pieces to my shop. I am taking a class on metal clay (although this is the last week, boohoo!) so I've learned a few new techniques.

The origami piece is the latest. I really loved the final piece on this one. It's gotten me very interested in learning some more origami that I can apply to metal clay. I've been inspired by origami for a while now. I make origami boxes and envelopes a lot but I've never really found a use for making origami "things" like cranes and butterflies. Now maybe I have. I'm not a big fan of chotchkies that just clutter my space. I like to have a few decorative pieces that I adore to set the mood of my home but clutter makes me panic and hyperventilate. More on that later:) Alright, where was I....

Here's just a cute little one. It's entitled "you're a nut". This is one of the phrases I have adopted since having a child. Here are some more words I have added to my vocabulary in order to place words that have been temporarily withdrawn from my vocabulary:
silly, crazy, booger, lune

Oh, don't worry dear words that I love so.... I will be back someday. I'm talking to you "bastard":)

and then finally this one. The customizable dandelion necklace and it's reversible. It has a bird on the back (imagine that). I made this for a client earlier this year and really loved the way it turned out. I'm working on getting ready for the holiday season (crazy I know) and trying to add some things to my shop that are easy for men to buy. Last year a lot of my sales were to men buying for their wives. I would die if my husband went through the trouble of having a piece custom made for me. Just the thought alone is super sweet.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Did you really just say that to your 10 year old daughter!

I overheard the most upsetting conversation this morning while waiting in line at IKEA.
First, let me say that I am a firm believer that it is our responsibility as parents to teach our children how to lead a healthy lifestyle. My goal is to make all of our meals from scratch (note: I say goal...we're still working on this one) and my son and I spend a lot of time outdoors playing and hiking and swimming. I also believe that the best way to teach them is to encourage them to do the right thing, not shame them.
Well, at Ikea this morning this little 10ish year old girl bought a frozen yogurt cone (not ice cream!) and came back to wait in line with her dad.
He says: "you got an ice cream? you are going to have to go for an extra run today. You know, I'm starting to see a roll on your stomach. And your brother, he's a hog. look at him getting so fat."
The little girl was crushed! Watching her eat that frozen yogurt with tears in her eyes was one of the saddest things I have seen in a long time.

I had to just get this off my chest. I'm somewhat ashamed that I didn't say anything to the dad. I'm not a very confrontational person but I really wish I was in this situation. I think all young girls have self esteem issues with their looks around that age and he is not doing her any favors.

Maybe he could buy some pots and do some gardening with his daughter. That would teach her fun ways to get a little exercise. Breaking up rock hard dirt with a hoe is hard work:)