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Monday, May 12, 2008

Catching up

I had no idea that I had ignored my blog for so long. It has been a very busy and hectic two weeks. So to catch you up on things....I bought two of those pretty Mother's day cards from Invita, I did the Patchwork show in Santa Ana, I bought the greatest coat from Rebe, I did my first show at the Rose Bowl, Mother's day was great!, and I've got to get back to work.

Alright, I'll elaborate. The Patchwork show in Santa Ana was so much fun. Adriana and I shared a booth which I think worked out very well. We will be together again for Renegade in San Francisco (yippeee for us!). That same weekend I did a home party. I'm not sure what you call those but it's where people invite their friends over and they shop. That was a blast also. Everyone was so nice and I had some great laughs through the night. So I spent all week playing catch up. Working on custom Mother's Day orders, replenishing my stock, and completing a couple wholesale orders. If anyone ever doubts that my work is handcrafted, all I would have to do is show them my nails. I will spare you the horror.

Ok, back to Patchwork. I bought this awesome coat from Rebe. I first saw it last November at a show and desire it every time I see it. It's mine!!!!

Then there was Mother's day. I was selling at the Rose Bowl on Mother's day and I got the cutest! message from my little boy. He said so clearly "happy mother's day mama, I love you, ok, bye bye, mwah!" Yes, I saved it. I came home in the afternoon and they made me dinner and I didn't have to change one diaper at all yesterday. Woohoo! And I'm getting a new juicer. Brilliant! Best day ever:)

I discovered some great new artist at the shows I've been doing so I will write about them later this week. Hope your weekend was wonderful.