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Friday, April 30, 2010

So Much Fun!

This past weekend was Unique LA and it was so much fun. Overall the show was pretty good minus a slow start to the weekend. Now I have to quickly get back to work to restock for Bazaar Bizarre . I'm really looking forward to that show because we are going to make a little vacation of it and spend a couple extra days going hiking. Can't wait!

I wanted to share some favorites from Unique LA. I didn't get too much time to walk around and take pics but here are the few that I did.One of my favorite vendors is Dust and Co. She's just so cool:) Loved her booth setup and of course her jewelry is so very unique.I was very lucky to have two great neighbors. Amanda K Lockrow is a very skilled metalsmith. Her button rings are my favorite and I just love to hear her say button. It's a very proper pronunciation.My other neighbor was new to this venue, and fairly new to her business. Khana Skin had some wonderful bath products that smelled so good.

I also met another very sweet jeweler. While Fruition Jewelry had really beautiful jewelry one of things I loved most was her custom labels for booze. Who wouldn't love to have a liquor cabinet that looks so classy?
And of course, I have revamped my display...again! Someday I'll stick to something, maybe. I used lentils to create the decorative elements in the bottom layer of the table. It is still a work in progress though.
Have a wonderful weekend! I'll be working on setting up our raised bed vegetable garden. My husband, son, and I are also going to join up with FoodForward.org to go pick fruit out in the valley that is donated to local food pantries. It feels good to help out and I'm looking forward to a family day:)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Feeling Inspired

Do you ever come across something that resonates so deep in your soul that you can't help but be excited? Etsy has a featured seller every few days and while most of them sell/make things that are cute enough today's is above and beyond. Today's featured seller is Cart Before the Horse. I just LOVE their dolls. They are so original and come from a very beautiful corner of the artists' mind and soul.

To be honest I really am struggling with my creative process. The majority of my business now is selling to stores and I have a good idea of what they want. Sometimes knowing what is commercially viable is such a kill to my creativity. I feel so inspired after reading the interview with Dylan and Jo and pouring over their entire collection. I am vowing to spend some more time making pieces that are just for me, just for fun. While I am SO VERY grateful for all of my success I really need to give attention to the muse that got me here.