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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Fresh Produce

I had the best day today. This morning I got to sit and drink my coffee and look through cookbooks for at least 20 while my son played with his trains and race cars in the window. The street was covered with fog but the light was shining through. I'm not sure that I can convey the joy that this simple experience brings. It was the calmness of everything going on around me. On top of it all there was the anticipation of beautiful day at the Santa Monica Farmer's Market. We have the best farmer's market in the United States. I limit it to the states because I don't want to exaggerate. Italy has the best farmer's markets in the world. Ok, so ours is second only to Italy. Not a bad place to be. I look forward to it every week. This week I got some new things. That little lemon there is not what you are used to. It is a sweet Persian Lemon. So SWEET! It is sweeter than an orange. But, it's a lemon. It's the strangest thing. Not one bit of tart or acidity. Sweet, super sweet... I can't wait to eat it. The second new thing I got was a pomelo. That's the really large grapefruit-like fruit. Again, it is so sweet. It's pink inside and has a flavor a little like a grapefruit, but it's not bitter. It's sweet. So, my theme today is sweet, I guess. The swiss chard and carrots are beautiful also. I bought so much stuff today. I can't wait to eat it all. While we were shopping James ate 1 orange, 1 apple, 1 carrot, 2 pieces of broccoli, and 1 piece of persimmon. He thinks the farmer's market is a buffet. I guess it's better for him than a chinese food buffet.

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