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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Dolly and set design of the 70's

I love this video on many different levels. First, that is incredible set design. Sometimes they look like worms made out of panty hose. Second, the song! I really love Dolly but sometimes her songs are not the most favoring for women. If a man knocked on the pipes for me to come to his place.... I might be offended. And third, the hair...the dress...the sleeves - brilliant.
The bonus is around 2min 50 secs you'll see a very groovy Kenny Rogers. My mom was in love with him when I was a kid which means I kinda was too.

found via Firefly Express


Ann Marie said...

Crack me up! That was so fun. Tony Orlando and Dawn made that song a top hit as well.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Your's is great.

please sir said...

That is funny! Thanks for sharing!

please sir said...

That is funny! Thanks for sharing!

Ravenswick said...

Fun video! I have never been a country music fan but I always have liked Dolly.

polly conway said...

I'm so glad someone else liked this video enough to post it on their blog! Here's to Kenny and Dolly. :)