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Monday, March 9, 2009


Daylight savings has kicked my butt, or maybe it's a 3 year old that has more energy than a very popular bunny. Anyways, my new pieces will be added to my shop by Wednesday 2pm pst.


OliveStreetStudio said...

SOOOO funny to read this post bc my husband and I said the same thing last night as our almost-three-YO daughter was bouncing off the walls when it was her bedtime. He went to bed shortly after we got her down - 8:30pm, and me at 10pm- ONLY bc I managed to post our new "Buster the Bunny" item to Etsy and my blog. YYAAWWNNNNN more coffee please! :-)

Jennifer DeDonato said...

I know how you feel! I can't wait to see your new work!

Anonymous said...

Yes, it's day # 2 and I'm still sleepy! blah! Looking forward to your new pieces.

Anonymous said...

Sunday just flew, i thought it was around 2pm and realized it was 7pm! Totally threw me off, big time.